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JJ Peruvian Restaurant
Takeout/Delivery Menu
We deliver to Passaic & Clifton within 2 miles of the restaurant with a $10.00 minimum & a $1.99 online convenience fee. To place an order click the link below
Available: Mon - Sat 7 am to 10 pm; Sun 7 am to 9 pm
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Daily Special
2 Eggs on a Roll w/ Home Fries $4.50
2 Eggs & Cheese on a Roll w/ Meat
Ham, bacon, sausage or Taylor ham.
2 Eggs w/ Meat Platter
with home fries & toast
2 Pancakes & 2 Eggs $5.00
2 Pancakes, 2 Eggs & Meat
Bacon, sausage or Taylor ham.
Choose from our selection.
Plain Bagel w/ Butter $1.75
Plain Bagel w/ Cream Cheese $2.00
Plain Bagel w/ Egg & Cheese $3.00

Desayuno Peruanos
Served 7 am to 11 am
Pan con Pollo a la Parilla
Grilled chicken sandwich.
Pan con Chicharron
Fried pork sandwich
Pan con Bistec
Steak sandwich
Tamales $3.50
Chicharron Platter
Fried pork, sliced sweet potatoes & toast.

Parihuela Soup
Peruvian mixed seafood soup. Shrimp, fish, calamari & mussels.
Sopa de Mariscos
Mixed seafood soup with spaghetti.
Sopa de Choros
Mussel soup with spaghetti & vegetables.
Sopa a la Minuta
Mixed soup with spaghetti & eggs.
Sopa Sustancia
Beef soup with angel hair pasta.
Sopa Menestron
Meat soup with vegetables.
Sancochado de Res
Meat soup with rice & vegetables.
Aguadito de Pollo
Chicken soup with rice & vegetables.

American Lunch
Hamburger $4.00
Hamburger Platter w/ French Fries $7.00
Cheeseburger $5.00
Cheeseburger Platter w/ French Fries $8.00
French Fries $4.00
French Fries w/ Cheese $4.50
Double Cheeseburger $7.50
Double Cheeseburger w/ French Fries $9.00

Hot Sandwiches
Chicken Sandwich $6.50
Steak sandwich w/ French Fries $8.00
Tuna Sandwich $4.50
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich $5.50
Chicken Fingers $7.00
Buffalo Chicken Wings (6) $7.00

Comida Criolla
Creole Food
Arroz Chaufa de Pollo o Carne
Fried rice with chicken or meat.
Arroz a la Cubana
Cuban style rice with 2 fried eggs & fried bananas.
Bistec Encebollado
Beef steak w/ onions.
Bistec a lo Pobre
Beef steak, French fries, 2 fried eggs & fried bananas.
Bistec con Arroz y Papa
Steak with rice & potatoes.
Bistec Aponado
Breaded steak with rice & potatoes.
Milanesa de Pollo
Chicken Milanese style.
Mondonguito al Italiano
Chunks of tripe, onions, red peppers, carrots, rice & French fries.
Lomo Saltado
Chunks of beef with onions, tomatoes & French fries.
Lomo Saltado de Pollo
Chunks of chicken with onions, tomatoes & French fries.
Tallarin Saltado de Carne de Pollo
Spaghetti with Peruvian green sauce with meat or chicken.
Tallarin Verde con Bistec
Beef steak in spaghetti with Peruvian green sauce.
Small chunks of cow lung stewed in Peruvian style, with white rice.
Cau Cau
Chunks of tripe with potatoes, peas & carrots.
Dried potatoes with pork or chicken.
Seco de Res
Stew beef chunks with rice & beans.
Arroz con Pollo
Chicken with rice.

Pollo a la Brasa
Rotisserie chicken
Whole Rotisserie Chicken Special
Arroz o papa fritas, ensalada, 1 soda de 2 litros. Rice or French fries, salad & a 2 liter soda.
Pollo Solo (Whole Rotisserie Chicken)
Chicken only.
1/2 Rotisserie Chicken
with fries
1/4 Rotisserie Chicken
Chicken only.

Fried fish, calamari, mussels, shrimp & cassava (fried potatoes). Small or large for add'l charge.
Ceviche de Pescado
Chunks of fish in lemon juice.
Ceviche de Camarones
Shrimp in lemon juice.
Ceviche de Mariscos
Mixed seafood in lemon juice.
Pescado a lo Macho
Peruvian spicy fish stew.
Chicharron de Pescado
Fried crunchy fish & fried plantains.
Sudado de Pescado
Steamed fish stew with vegetables & white rice.
Sudado de Maricos
Steamed mixed seafood with vegetables & white rice.
Arroz con Mariscos
Yellow rice with mixed seafood - better than paella.
Tallarin Saltado de Mariscos
Spaghetti with onions, tomatoes & seafood.
Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos
Fried rice with seafood.
Arroz Chaufa de Camarones
Fried rice with shrimp.

Side Orders
Papas Fritas
French fries.
Choice of cheese, beef, beef & cheese, chicken or chicken & cheese.
Platano Maduro
Sweet plantains.
Yuca Frita $3.50
Tostones Fritos
Fried green plantains.
Camote Frito
Sweet potato fries.
Arroz Blanco Pequeno
Small white rice.
Arroz Blanco Grande
Large white rice.
Ensalada Pequena
Small salad.
Ensalada Grande
Large salad.
5 small containers.
Choice of Cool Ranch Doritos, Nacho Cheese Doritos or Lays Classic

Batido de Fresa
Strawberry shake.
Batido de Mango
Mango shake.
Batido de Papaya
Papaya shake.
Batido de Pina
Pineapple shake.
Batido de Guanabana
Guanabana shake.
Batido de Banano
Banana shake.
Batido de Maracuya
Passion Fruit shake.
Batito de Fruta Mixta
Mixed fruit shake.

Canned Soda
Choose from our selection.
Bottled Soda (20 oz.)
Choose from our selection.
Refresco’s Country Club Merenque Soda (12 oz.) $2.00
Red Bull Energy Drink (12 oz.) $3.50
Vitamin Water Power (8 oz.) $2.00
Yoohoo Chocolate Drink (15.5 oz.) $1.75
Nesquik Low Fat Milk
Strawberry or chocolate.
Monster Energy (16 oz.) $2.50
No Pulp 100% orange juice (12 oz.), apple juice (14 oz.) or cranberry juice (15 oz.).
V8 Splash (16 oz.)
Strawberry Kiwi or tropical.
Foco Coconut Juice (17.6oz.) $2.00
Colombiana La Nuestra (12 oz.) $1.00
Arizona (20 oz.)
Choose from our selection.
Glaceau Vitamin Energy (20 oz.) $2.00
Chica Limena Morada Drink (16 oz.) $2.00
Chica Limena Mango Drink (16 oz.) $2.00
disFruta Peach Drink (16 oz.) $2.00
Jugo de Maracuya Passion Fruit (16 oz.) $2.00
Vita Lina Flaxsee Drink (16 oz.) $2.00
Concordia Raspberry Drink (12 oz.) $2.00
Malta Goya (12 oz.) $2.00
Snapple (20 oz.)
Choose from our selection.
Gatorade (20 oz.)
Choose from our selection.
Orangina (16 oz.) $2.00
Jarritos Mandarin Drink (12.5 oz.) $2.00
Poland Spring Water (16.9 oz.) $1.00
Poland Spring Water (23.7 oz.) $1.50
Poland Spring Water (Gallon) $2.50
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